How to sell medicare by phone

SAP 006: Telemarketing for your own sales

How much calling is involved when starting as just me?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was letting go of the telemarketing to someone else.

It was the best decision I ever made, though.

I would call around 400 numbers a day. I would break it up into 2 hour segments.
One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

As long as the focus is on the activity, and not the result, I was Ok with whatever happened – APP or no APP. Often it was a husband+wife app, which was great. Even still, I wanted to continue through my two hour block.

One of the greatest challenges in the limitation on time, when you are the over-priced telemarketer.


1) Cold Call (best done by hourly worker) See:

2) Screener (for health, price, company, interest) – MOST VALUABLE PERSON

3) Application Writer (This is me).

I pay my screener per application submitted – Well worth it.
He is the log jam of the entire process, and spends the most time on the phones.

I’m on the phone maybe 30 minutes, tops, with the new clients.
This is the perfect model to grow to scale.

When you have to do all three of these jobs, it is very labor intensive for that first, and each, application, but yes you can definitely do one per day. Even easier, still, once you have generated a card to those you’ve spoken with and quoted – they receive your card in the mail (seeing that you are legitimate) and then they decide to call you back to do business (must have 800 number).

Mentioned in the Podcast:
SendOutCards Follow-Up System


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