SAP 033: When to Hire Extra Help in Your Medicare Business

This is the question submitted by one of our members, and it is asking when to hire additional help as the business is starting to grow. (Read by speech-to-text with the computer voice!)

“So, I re-watched your video from a couple weeks ago about delegating authority. I know that I am very new, but I am trying to streamline the learning curve as quickly as possible and grow the business as fast as I can. I wanted to ask your advice…

If I were to hire one person now to help me, could you give me an idea of what duties would be most important?

1) Should I hire a licensed agent or an administrative person? Or hire somebody to perform admin duties who is also licensed so he/she can also write business?
2) How do you recommend I pay them? (hourly, flat fee per deals, etc.??)
3) Do you pay your staff as independent contractors, or do you W2 them and pay payroll taxes, etc?

I am currently working all day from about 7:30am until well into the night sometimes 10-11pm trying to do all my administrative chores while making cold calls in the am, and during the peak hours in the pm, and also following up on all the calls my telemarketers set up for me throughout the day (I bought trained telemarketers through )

I started doing this full time in the middle of October. So the first couple months were a bit slow, and now things are starting to come together, but I want to automate and delegate more. 2 weeks ago I had 5 new applications and last week I had 6. This week I have 0 so far. My goal each week is 7 new apps. I have not hit it yet. I’ll be happy if I hit 20 for the month. I’m having good conversations but I hoping you can give me suggestions to improve. I’d like to know how your business is set up. Perhaps your operation is too big, but maybe something like the way Eugene has set his up is something I can model. It’s my understanding he has himself, one or 2 agents and an admin person.

So if I could only afford to bring on one person now, where would my money be best spent, or am I putting the cart before the horse?”


Listen below or watch here!