SAP 079: Some Problems are Good to Have | Medicare Agent Training

So, I got a call last night from Eugene, who was working 12 hours at the office yesterday on our systems and processes that we have a bit of a problem that we have to address. It’s an interesting one, because it’s one of the problems that you want to have in a business. We’re there now, where we have too many leads and our process has chugged along because we have not automated every detail of the lead nurturing process. We have really good processes in place, but we have processes in place to handle 10 leads a day, or 20 leads a day that are brand now. Now that we’re getting more than that, the marketing thing has been refined so that we’re getting a lot more. We have two new agents that just got licensed this week in our office. We’re getting to the point where we have to fix our systems to be 100% automated lead distribution, down pat and all that. It’s a great problem to have. As we are learning more, the thing that’s exciting to me is to get emails from agents that are like, hey, I implemented that tip that you gave and now we’re doing more leads, we’re doing more conversions, we’re doing more attachments of ancillary third party products, like the dental, vision, hearing and that kind of thing. I’m excited to share with you more of our process going forward. To that extent, we just posted the video from the Charleston live event that we had, the last one, May 31st and June 1st, where Eugene went into depth on the cross selling process. As we’ve been working more closely on an individual basis with our internal agents on the cross selling and what they should be doing on every case, we’ve seen that go up to a 25% attachment rate. One of the agents actually at 43%, which is incredible. Everything that he has in that video, everything that you picked up on when you were at the Charleston meeting, it works, it really does work. Sometimes you have to put in practice what you preach, and sometimes that’s like herding cats when you have everybody that’s at a different level of experience, and different level of expertise in their own sales journey, as they get better and better, and more proficient at what they’re doing. That’s our goal now, is to get everybody doing the same thing, and get consistency across the agency. I’m just letting you know that what we’re putting on the page is the best practice. When we go back to the drawing board, and we go back to the system that we know is the best practice, we’re seeing the numbers that we want to see. That’s what’s exciting to me. When other people are replying back, and I’m really encouraging you, if you have implemented something that you have learned at one of our live events, or you picked up on the website recently with the addition of our sales calls that we’re posting under the sales calls page on, please reply back. Send in your feedback, let us know how you’re doing with that stuff. The encouragement road goes back and forth. I want to encourage you, and at the same time if things that you’re finding value in, or you want more of, please do reach out and let us know. We want to share with you your successes, too, and find out what your struggles are, and where your difficulties are. We have a full time videographer that’s on staff now, working on both the client and the agent side. If there’s more behind the scenes stuff that you would like us to focus on, that you might be struggling in, it’s probably not just you, it’s probably someone else, too. Please send your feedback and let us know what you would like to see more of, what you might be struggling in in your business where you are so we can focus more on that. As we continue to develop more systems to take care of more leads, nurture more leads, and respond to them in a way that people don’t get lost, and that we maximize every ad spend dollar that we’re doing on digital marketing now, I’m just encouraged to share that stuff with you as we go along. I hope you have a great day. What is today? July 3rd, before the big 4th of July weekend. We’re taking our office staff out bowling tonight to celebrate. There’s a place here called Stars and Strikes, it’s so much fun. Huge, brand new bowling alley and arcade, and all that kind of stuff. We’re taking everybody out to celebrate the new licensure of our two newest people who just passed with flying colors. It’s going to be a great day. I hope you’re having a great day where you are. Take care.