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SAP 070: Being a Professional is about Taking Ownership

Chris Westfall here…this morning I was looking at a post on Facebook, from a friend – Nick Ayres.

Nick pointed out that he has met several, unique individual agents in this industry that all have very different approaches to lead generation. Nick pointed out that it is interesting that other agents are often frustrated when they try the same basic marketing methods used by these huge producers, yet see nothing like the same results. What is the difference?

Here is the original text from Nick’s post:
“There is a problem we face as insurance business owners. This problem is debilitating, crippling, and lethal in some cases. The problem is easily described as being able to have “sight” but no “vision” Allow me to explain…

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Here is an observation that I see unknowingly happening in our world. We seem to spend more time looking at every rabbit trail, trying to hack our way through a jungle in order to find success. We see guys like Brandon Smith and say “I need to be a Dave Ramsey ELP!” Then get frustrated when we can’t replicate his success

We see guys like Troy Thompson and say “I’ll get back to door knocking!” Then wonder why we aren’t executing at the same level. We wonder if we should do paid ads like some others, then complain about lead quality and close rates. We observe guys like Cory Schnabel who writes over $1.5mill in personal lines with no paid ads and think “That’s the ticket, let’s do that!” Only to bang our head against the wall. We see guys like Travis, and Gary Paulson and make strong strides to go all in on automation…then get lost in the gadgets and sequences and give up

We chase the winds hoping to catch lightning in a bottle, only to end up frustrated, confused, jaded and cynical at best with the results. Why do the others see success but not me? It’s complicated…but it’s also simple!

These and others had a real vision for their strategies. They honed a craft, worked through their own mistakes, and stayed the course.

I’m sure if they were honest, they’d all tell you “we still miss the mark more than we hit it…but we learn and keep going”

Should you do the same things they do?…Sure. Should you attempt to do them all at once?…Probably not. My encouragement to you, is find the style and mechanisms that work best for you and execute on them 100%

If you like direct mail and have success with it, don’t let me or any guru tell you it’s dumb and you’re wasting your money. If you hate paying for ads, then embrace organic reach and be a content making machine! If you’re impatient and hate organic results, then put the whole can of gas on the machine and go full throttle with ads. Find you!…Do you 100% and only relent when you need to make left and right turns. Other than that, pedal to the metal

Should you add new stuff from time to time?…Sure. But do it when you have the last thing somewhat handled. There is no “right way” or “wrong way” in this game…only preferences. Find yours, seek out real vision, and stay the course.

When you try to replicate someone else and what they are doing, it will never be as good. You can copy methods, but you cannot copy results. Instead of spinning around aimlessly, you can put your full attention onto what will work for you, your community, your clients, and your family

Vision Sight” – Nick Ayres

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