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SAP 063: Sample Agent Video Consultation


These are small clips of an agent consultation February 6, 2019. As these are questions I get quite frequently, I wanted to pull them out and post them here, publicly. The opinions in this video are my own and just opinions based on experience. The statements made are not intended for any audience other than those in the consultation and may or may not apply to you.

My agency exists to help seniors through their challenges of finding their best Medicare insurance plan and to help like-minded agents to do the same when there is a fit of working together. I do not choose to help ALL seniors and do not choose to help ALL agents.

This is a lifestyle business where I am reinvigorated by the ability to help people every single day! See what we’re doing at https://MedicareAgentTraining.com for agents and https://SeniorSavingsNetwork.org for seniors

As always, for helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com

Listen below or watch here!