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SAP 118: Choose THIS Day – Put Your Armor On Before the Attacks

The importance of getting ready for the day, internally, before the onslaught begins. Raising the tolerance level each day where it takes a higher and higher threshold to knock you off of your agenda and control of your time, attention, and resources.

We can either be blown around or rock steady.

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SAP 036: Medicare Supplement Leads – Review

Is it too much trouble to actually control the incoming prospects into your MARKETING business? No, it is a huge facet of any business, to control its marketing. In this, or any other MARKETING business, this is something best to NOT to pursue blindly with a credit card in your hand.

It is WORTH learning about marketing. It is WORTH testing different approaches until you find the one that fits you the best. It is worth attending conferences, networking with other agents, researching ongoing trends in lead generation so that YOU can cut out the “middle man” and do it yourself. Imagine, if your leads are marked up 100%, which is really around 500%, but if they were just marked up 100% and you continued to rely on that lead generation method for a 20 year career.

Much much have you lost in 20 years where you could have merely decided to invest once in the knowledge to do it yourself and reap the rewards month after month, year after year. Cut out the “middle man”. Do it yourself.

For helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com

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