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I have two critical factors in whether or not a new agent will succeed in this, or any other niche within insurance. 1] Will they take action? Will they do the FIRST step to actually talking to a prospect on the phone? If not, they are proving themselves to be great at getting ready to get ready to help people, but lack the courage to actually have a conversation with someone that they could, potentially help. and 2] The agent quits before seeing success. In the Medicare niche, it is important to realize that: A) You start slow in any new endeavor; B) It gets easier as YOU get better; and C) Your new clients will start referring other folks. Quitting, when you are just starting to have success, is ALWAYS premature. You have to realize that the ease of the business comes over time. The difficulty, when starting, is expected, and is part of the process. We are here to help – a community of like-minded insurance professionals seeking to make a living while helping the greatest generation with their Medicare insurance needs.

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