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SAP 065: Get Rich Quick? Nope!!!

Definitely not:

? Get Rich Quick ?

The niche we are in is build residual income slowly, over time. It is consistent, predictable, but it is ➡️ NOT FOR EVERYONE ⬅️

Not everyone is supposed to be in one specific position. Not everyone was created with the disposition to throw caution to the wind, forsaking comfort and safety, for as long as it takes to turn profitable.

Selling possessions, working side jobs, delivering pizza, etc… whatever it takes.

 ? THAT ? is the 1% of folks that have nothing else to lose and know that, with faith and hard work, it becomes worth it when that light at the end of the tunnel becomes closet and closer and louder and louder..then one day you wake up and ??BAM??, “you got lucky” they’ll say! ???


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