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SAP 041: What Makes Agents Fail in the Medicare Business?

The number one reason that agents fail in the Medicare niche market is that they have a misplaced expectation that every call will be a one-call close. Those “boiler rooms” that are PUSHING folks into the one-call close have a HORRIBLE persistency record with the carriers.

That is, when you shove a product down someone’s throat, assuming the sale, assuming the application, building just enough trust where they will tell you ANYTHING to get you off the phone, you will not be in business for long. That is 100% SALES and 0% concern for the client.

If you want to build a GOOD, solid business for residual income, build relationships, not check-marks on a scoresheet of how many one-call closes you pulled off today.

Another big factor is that new agents believe that their first few conversations will yield that sale. It might take 30 people being put in your pipeline for weeks before you have one sale. If you quit just before the pipeline starts coming out the other side, you will NEVER see the residual income grow.

You get better, the pipeline gets more full, and people start coming back to you based on the way you made them feel. THAT is what this business is about – your obligation to build trust.

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