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SAP 127: If they ask, WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? | Medicare Agent Training

Yesterday, we had two clients that called us and said the same thing. The agent that they had ALREADY SIGNED UP WITH, had not really listened to them and they wanted a second opinion.

The other agent had not asked them any questions about their situation.The other agent tried to sell based on fear, alone.

Documenting our success journey in Medicare insurance sales since 2013.. from a one-man show to an agency sell worth.. .a lot.  

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SAP 043: Companies Don’t Care About You? Who Do You Listen To?

Who you choose to do business with, matters. It matters a great deal.
With MANY new Johnny-Come-Lately’s to the internet-agent-education space, it’s more important than ever to be careful about who you spend your most important investment (time) with.

For helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com

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