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SAP 122: How to Make Million$ in Insurance! $$$$$$$

I see young, new agents all the time talking about what is the fastest way to making a million dollars per year in the insurance industry. If money is your single, solitary reason for existence, I believe you will fail. It is not a big enough motivator to go through what you have to go through in order to succeed. It’s just not.

However, when the focus changes to how many people you can help, the money takes care of itself. You literally lose track of how much money you’re making. When the bills are paid and you find yourself giving to people, constantly, you figure out that yes, there really is more to life than just accumulating things. The strange thing is, though, once you’re at this stage, it begins to grow even faster.

So, from the beginning – the best advice I can give anyone just starting in business – focus on what you can do for other people. Get seriously passionate about treating your business like an obsession instead of like a JOB. Act like your life depends on it.
Behave as though FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION merely from the energy you are devoting to helping more people.

Then, just like magic, you’ll have all the money you need first. Then you’ll have all the money you could possibly want… IF you started for the right reasons.

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