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SAP 068: When You Have a Bad Day What Do YOU Choose To Do?

Driving to work this morning and I’m reminded of the scripture that says that it rains on both the righteous and the unrighteous.

This tells me that each of us has the same struggles, especially in business, and what it is that you CHOOSE to do in those struggles is the decision that makes or breaks your business.

You are NOT the first person to have those problems.
You are NOT alone.
Your breakthrough is just on the other side of fear, desperation and failure.

THIS is the struggle that separates those who succeed from those who quit just prior to their success.

Be encouraged! We all go through rain and sunshine. In the middle of the rain storm is where many forget that tomorrow will bring the sun. The horrible weather is there for all of us to be able to appreciate the good times, and yes, there will be good times in your business when you know that it works, you just might not have been at it long enough. Keep going! The prize is worth it!

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