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SAP 089: FREE LEADS for Insurance Agents | FREE License, too!

1) You get what you pay for.
2) Nothing is free, they will usually take it from you in a much more substantial way.
3) When the focus is quantity over quality, you will spin your wheels instead of making sales.
4) When an agent takes ownership of their lead generation, they are beholden to NO ONE.

The views expressed in this video are solely those of Christopher Westfall, Sr. who has spent a substantial amount of time with the top producers in the Medicare and life insurance industry. Chris does not sell leads. Chris teaches agents how to generate leads, themselves.

Chris owns an agency with more than 10,000 clients, serving 46 states from a home base of Charleston, South Carolina. He also has 3,200 independent agent contracts, helping independent agents build their own agencies remotely. For information, visit: https://MedicareAgentTraining.com

As always, for helpful agent information, visit MedicareAgentTraining.com. Listen below or watch here.