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SAP 066: Keep getting the SAME objection?

There’s a reason for that.
From Grand Cayman today..answered two support tickets that might help someone else.
? 1) What is THE script?

First, scripts can be found on this page to start the conversation, and there is also a flow chart at the top of the page for the call flow:

You can hear Joe’s awesome interview and his effective cold call presentation here:

? 2) Keep getting the same objection and are losing the sale because of it.

You need to raise this continually-arising issue before they do. It should be addressed IN your presentation of whichever plan you are describing. If you leave it out, or describe it in weak or unresolved terms, it will continue to plague the sale. If you SOLIDLY incorporate the solution, in proper context, DURING the explanation of the an, it will not be a problem.

This is a good example video of this concept:

So, as we leave the Cayman Islands and head to Mexico to explore the Mayan ruins tomorrow, I hope you are having a great week!

-Christopher Westfall

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Listen below or watch here!